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Your Health in the UK

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May. 13th, 2005 @ 08:59 pm

Hi, I just wanted to let people know about my new community, _dissociation_ .

I created it for people who suffer from dissociation which includes symptoms such as depersonalisation and derealisation. Dissociation is a symptom of so many disorders. If you are unclear on the symptoms please see our userinfo. Please feel free to come and join, we are in need of members!

Thankyou :)

(Apologies if this post isn't allowed, please delete if that is the case, I tried to only post in communities where it may be of interest and where it complied with community rules)

xposted lots, sorry!


Like the Spoon Theory? Mar. 15th, 2005 @ 04:19 pm

If you're a fan of the Spoon Theory from butyoudontlooksick.com, you might like the new community the_spoonies. A place to talk about the theory, your spoon levels, how the spoon metaphor has made your life easier if so or helped you explain your problems to others. Or really just anything related to fatigue and stamina problems. It's run by the Spoon Lady herself, I'm just helping promote it :)

smoking and doctors... (sorry for crosspost) Jan. 6th, 2005 @ 05:24 pm
permission to scream?


so i rang the surgery this morning to make an appointment and turned up at 4pm to request some patches to help me stay off the cigarettes...

the GP (locum) wouldn't prescribe any.

apparently i can only get them prescribed through the nurse run smoking service... which means weekly clinic attendance... and there's a SIX WEEK waiting list.. oh and...




ok, i am maybe being slightly irrational as i can see how the service is commissioned and managed and all the rest of the palaver.
if i'd seen my regular(ish) GP she'd probably have consented after discussion that it would be reasonable to go ahead and prescribe and discuss follow up by phone or something as obviously...

1. im not going to be in london during surgery hours for the next few weeks at least
2. i know all about nicotine replacement products already
3. its in their interest that i quit rather than die of lung cancer

can i please shoot the locum? please? pretty please?

which leads me to another interesting question:

anyone else ever felt like choking on a locum?!!
Current Mood: grumpygrumpy

Adult ADD/ADHD? Dec. 21st, 2004 @ 06:37 pm
I've had it up to here with my ADD problems and have finally sought help with the issue. Problem being, there doesn't seem to be much help out there in this country. Stimulants are not available for adults and Strattera is extremely difficult to get, only for the really really extreme cases.

I'm trying to read as much as I can, but most books are US and so advocate medication as the first step. Which only upsets me more as they keep harping on and on about why medication is good for you (I guess this is to convince people to try it) but they're pretty skimpy on what to do if you can't get meds at all.

(I know some tricylics may help but I am already on one for fibro/neuropathic pain/sleep problems -- not only does it not help my ADD symptoms it prevents me from trying others)

I'm trying to get more information about nutritional solutions, but so much of it conflicts. I wish I could get *decent* nutritional advice on the NHS but my dietietics clinic doesn't really deal with supplements beyond basic recommended levels. So herbal supplements are entirely beyond their ken.

On top of that, my council's library systems have NOTHING on Adult ADD and the few ADD/ADHD books for kids are all about schoolwork, so I couldn't really get anything out of them.

My therapist is a pain management specialist so doesn't really know much about it and doesn't even know of anyone in the psychology dept at my hospital who deals with adult ADHD.

Does anyone else here deal with this disorder? What on earth do you do when the UK seems to be blind to adults with ADHD???
Current Mood: desperate

Open 4 All Sep. 24th, 2004 @ 03:21 pm
The new law is about to come into place -- from 1 October venues open to the public and workplaces are required to take action to make their premises accessible to the disabled. As we probably all know, the vast majority of places haven't done a thing to get ready.

Order an Open 4 All campaign pack, which will give you information on how to approach your local inacessible businesses as well as a few postcards you can leave with them to inform them of their responisbilities under the new law. Sadly, you only get 5 postcards -- I have at least 30 businesses on my street that are entirely in accessible, usually due to a single step or aisles too narrow to get through.

That website has lots of information for anyone wanting to know their rights under the new law, or wanting to give businesses a wake-up call that they can't get away with ignoring the disabled any more.
Other entries
» Personal reasons to go vegetarian
My train of thought...

Health, ethicsCollapse )
» Fat Nation - the BIG Challenge
Did anyone else watch this last night? I've also signed up for TBC.

The programme seemed to be focusing on personal lifestyle choices, although it did look at the cultural environment e.g. the large number of fast food outlets within 1 min walk of the street. It will be interesting to see whether the fast-food addict who met Morgan "Super-size me" Spurlock will in fact change his lifestyle.
» Pre-pay Prescriptions
For anyone who gets more than 5 full (NHS) price prescriptions in 4 months or more than 14 in 12 months, it winds up cheaper to get a pre-pay prescription certificate. For those of us who get well over 14 scripts a year, it can be a real budget-saver!

This applies to NHS prescriptions only. You can buy online at www.ppa.org.uk, by phone at 0845 850 0030 or by cheque by downloading a form from www.dh.gov.uk (form FP95).

Certificates can be annual for for 4 months.

(Crossposted to uk_frugal)
» Two books briefly reviewed
Pain: The Science of Suffering by Patrick Wall
Dr. Wall has written many of the standard textbooks used in the UK on the subject of pain. Although this book in particular was written for the mass market, he still tends to get highly technical at times. At other times he drones on and on about philosophers and the historical theories about sensation and the mind-body connection.

If you are looking for something practical, this is not the book for you.

Natural Pain Relief by Jan Sadler
Only two chapters deal with pain directly -- the rest are about meditation, self-esteem, visualisation, etc. The book is very heavy on direct exercises, walking you through various therapeutic mental devices. Useful for anyone dealing with a stressful life; indeed I found it more useful than every UK-published book on the market about stress management!

However, if you are looking for things more directly related to pain, you may be disappointed.
» (No Subject)
Sign the "Time to get Equal" pledge! It's a campaign by Scope for equal rights for people in the UK with disabilities.

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