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Previous Entry Council Housing (mental health) Jul. 29th, 2005 @ 05:32 pm Next Entry
Hi I'm new here if anyone wants to add me as a friend feel free to do so although my entries can sometimes be triggering, I could do with a lot of friends right now though :(
My questions...:
My sister saw the cuts on my arm when I was asleep (woke me up screaming at me about how I had cut my arm and how I am 'being attention seeking')and she rang my dad and told him and he said he wants to throw me out! My parents are basically the root of my problems due to their denial of any of my problems and the fact they tell me there nothing wrong me with.. I don’t want to move out but I kinda have to because it’s just making me worse living here..
So I've rung up my local housing association I asked if I was eligible to get a council house as
1. I’m 21,
2. I have mental health issues, (I have been in a mental unit of my local hospital voluntarily due to eating disorder and depression I wasn't sectioned but it was close, so I volunteered)
3. My parents say they can’t live with me anymore and want to throw me out.(Because they say they can't cope with my problems)
4. I only have £8000 so I can’t afford a house of my own at the moment.
5. I am looking for work but because I have weekly therapy every Monday I have to get a 4 days a week job and it makes it hassle asking for Mondays off, I am currently temping but I can’t driving which makes it difficult.
The lady on the phone said YES and the fact I have a disability (mental disability) I can get supporting documents from my DR’s to help make my application go through more quickly!

I found this on the net which help's:
If you have a medical condition
You may also get reasonable preference if anyone in your household:
has health problems that are made worse by where you live
has mobility problems that make it difficult to get around your home
suffers from a mental illness or depression, that is made worse by your accommodation
If you include medical reasons in your application, you should give as much information as possible about your health problems and how they are affected by where you are living. Explain the difficulties the medical condition causes in as much detail as you can. The council will normally ask a doctor, health visitor or other expert to assess your medical problems and may use an independent person who does not know you. They may also contact your GP and you should include details of any other health worker or social worker who can support your application

So I think I will be a priority, I am getting Ruth (my therapist) to help me on Monday with a write up of how living at home doesn't help my mental wellbeing

Has anyone dealt with this situation before?
Am I likely to get a house/flat and how quickly does it take to go through?

If I live in a council flat or house I am eligible to buy it with a 44% discount for a house and 33% discount for a flat so it would be worth it when Andy my boyfriend leaves uni we can buy the house then sell it and move into a nicer place with more savings..
I hope someone can let me know what it is like.
Can you have a dog with you?
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