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LEARNING DISABILITY WEEK 20-26 JUNE 2005 - Your Health in the UK


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As I work as support staff for Mencap, I wanted to share this with as many as possible to spread awareness and understanding of learning disabilites and the people who it affects.

* Mencap works with people with learning disabilities and their families/carers

* 1.5 million people in the UK have a learning disability

* Learning disability affects someone's intellectual and social development all their life.

* It is NOT mental illness. It is NOT dyslexia.

* It used to be called mental handicap but we don't use this term any more because most people with a learning disability find it offensive.

* People with a learning disability don't get an equal chance in life. That's why we fight to change laws and services, and directly support thousands of people to live their lives the way THEY want.

Ciara's Quick Quiz: a fun, interactive quiz to help people understand more about life for people with a learning disability:

Send an e-postcard: from our successful Snap! photographic competition:

Or check out the winning images in our online Snap! Gallery:

Buy a wristband: these have finally arrived and are ready for you to order by clicking the link below. Our latest celebrity ambassador, Christopher Eccleston is wearing his wristband with pride and I hope that you will too:

There are many other events that are happening around the UK, and we'd love to see you there.

Look out for this Wednesday's Guardian Society, which has two pages of accessible stories for and about people with a learning disability.
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Date:September 7th, 2005 12:33 pm (UTC)

Should Mencap have an LJ community?

I'm wondering if it'd be useful as an alternative to the Intranet discussion forums, and possibly be useful as a means of advocacy as well. As I'm typing this from a public terminal - username here is sslaxx, please comment there. http://www.livejournal.com/users/sslaxx/

Stuart Moore
Admin Assistant, EEBU
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